Banner Photo by Jenna Borisevich


What We're here for

To encourage student involvement in dance for both new and seasoned dancers.

To create a fun and challenging environment in which its members may continue to obtain rigorous training while pursuing their education.

To provide a positive atmosphere through which members may develop a wide variety of dance styles and methods, learning from one another and growing together as artists and as a family.

To increase awareness of dance as an art through on and off campus performances.


The Silhouettes Dance Company is a performance based dance troupe at the University of Toronto. Since its conception in 2002 by Caryl Mostacho and Alesia Kachur, it has gained recognition as an active member in both the University and Toronto community by performing at a large variety of events and festivals. The Silhouettes season culminates with our annual showcase which will feature unique choreography created by its members throughout the year in a variety of dance styles.

As a non profit student organization, we rely on university funding, fundraising and sponsorship to make our shows happen.
Donations to our company are greatly appreciated. Please consider becoming a sponsor of our company.

Silhouettes Dance Company 2018/2019 Members