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We're a group of compassionate dancers based out of the University of Toronto who have continued to dance through their university careers




CLUB NIGHT: with Silhouettes Dance Company & Door Three

Friday January 11th 2019

667 King Street West (2nd Floor)

Doors open at 10:30pm with ticket entry valid until 11:30pm




Choreographed by: Sandra-Marine Isautier

Performed by: Ariel Dasrath, Arin Dasrath, Billie Rose Owen, Brandon Jasztrab, Cade Greer, Caitlin McCurdy, Candice Tang, Diana Gunel, Hannah Mercer, Kassandra Zachos, Orion Charron, Stacy Chen, Taiylor Wiebes


Choreographed by: Kendra Flemming and Abby Ryding

Performed by: Abby Ryding, Anaïs Loewen-Young, Ari Kim, Ariel Dasrath, Arin Dasrath, Brandon Jasztrab, Cade Greer, Caitlin McCurdy, Cathy Ho, Clare Wheeler, Elizabeth Araujo, Hannah Mercer, Hillary Cruise, Julia Zhu, Kassandra Zachos, Kendra Flemming, Madelaina DePace, Meredith Foley, Rachel McCaffrey, Sandra-Marine Isautier, Savannah Meslin, Stacy Chen, Temulun Bagen