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Sponsorship Opportunities 2018-19

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Our annual goal is to challenge the funds raised in previous years and make each year better, giving back further to the arts community. In order to achieve our goals, we need the help of the community around us. We are currently accepting in-kind donations and the donation of funds to help our non-profit dance company thrive. Partnering with Silhouettes Dance Company through sponsorship is a great way to connect with the community and support culture in our city. Additionally, we have created opportunities for local businesses of all kinds to connect with our audiences.

What makes Silhouettes unique is the opportunities that it offers to its members. Silhouettes provides an outlet for dancers to train, learn from each other, and perform around Toronto at a variety of festivals and community events in a non-competitive environment. The opportunity to be part of a company that allows one to choreograph and dance in a beautiful theatre as a student is very rare. School can, at times, be overwhelming, and U of T is an extremely big campus, where students might struggle to find their place. Our group is the perfect place for students to let loose and explore their creativity outside of their academic lives.

We will be holding several events for our members throughout the year. These events are great opportunities for businesses to donate in-kind with refreshments or services. At the end of the season we will put on a production at the Betty Oliphant Theatre in downtown Toronto. We need the help of local businesses to donate funds to secure our venue, cover costumes and much more! 

Have other sponsorship ideas? Contact us! We welcome your suggestions.

Sponsorship Levels:

$200 - Platinum:

  • Your company’s name on

  • Posterboard at the National Ballet Theatre

  • Recognized as Platinum donor in the show program

  • Your company will receive a shoutout in our show’s opening comments

$100 - Gold:

  • Your company’s name on

  • Posterboard at the National Ballet Theatre

  • Recognized as Gold donor in the show program

$50 - Silver:

$25 - Bronze:


Upon request, we can include your company name on our invitations and the Facebook event page of events, in addition to what is included in the sponsorship level you choose. At the events we organize, we create a “sponsorship wall” featuring the companies who are kind enough to donate to our event. We can also administer coupons or any sort of merchandise you would like us to distribute.