Banner Photo by Mitchel Raphael


Concluding every Silhouettes season is a final production showcasing the talent and creativity of our dancers. The entire show is choreographed and arranged by our own members, encompassing the diversity of our company through an eclectic variety of works. In the past, our productions have featured dancers engaging in many genres of dance such as contemporary, jazz, hip hop, tap, Bollywood, and ballet. With new members and new influences coming into the company every year, each new season promises a new and exciting production.



Walk unafraid

"Walk Unafraid" tells the story of a young woman on the brink of an adventure. The show begins with our heroine's brave choice to pack up and move to a new city, all on her own. Her journey is filled with trials and tribulations, to which many of us can relate. Our show features our members' original choreography in a variety of different styles including ballet, contemporary, hip hop, tap, and jazz. This year we are also very excited to welcome back some of our alumni, who have put together a special piece for our 15th year anniversary.

a mile in my shoes

A Mile in My Shoes is a journey through the art of dance. It is a collection of choreographies that portray the choreographers' visions of what it means to travel from one place to another or to experience an emotional or spiritual journey through various styles of dance including ballet, contemporary, hip hop, tap, and jazz. We invite our audience to embark on this journey with us to experience what it was to walk a mile in our shoes.



the human condition

The human condition is defined as the characteristics, key events, and situations, which compose the essentials of human existence, such as birth, growth, emotionality, aspiration, conflict, and mortality. This show explores all the aspects of life that come together to form who we are and what we do. The journeys we take, the love we give, the obstacles we overcome, the quirks and talents that only we have.

Each choreographer has offered a piece of their experience to add to yours.

The nights

Life is just the weaving together of many stories. As dancers, we try to capture these moments and attempt to reconcile their meaning in our own way. This year, we wanted to focus on the power of storytelling with our production, The Nights. Based in the Arabic fables, 1001 Nights, Silhouettes Dance Company hopes to bring our audience on a journey that is both entertaining and meaningful to all. We hope that our stories can help you reflect on your own.

Silhouettes Dance Company is proud to be putting on a production that was so passionately made. We would like to thank our dancers for all of their effort, as well as our supporters for accompanying us on this venture. We hope to see you at the show!




Dance is...

Silhouettes Dance is proud to be putting on their eleventh annual production, Dance Is…

Dance is many things to many people. As lovers of dance, we need to accept the good with the bad. Dance Is… represents dance in its truest form. It is a reflection on our cumulative past years as dancers, as well as the struggles and successes we’ve faced as a company within the year.


‘X’ can represent many things, such as the Roman numeral ten, or simply an unknown. The unknown is something that drives human kind. The journey towards an unknown can result in struggle, sometimes failure, but also success and redemption. This is not something that happens swiftly, but is a progression. Developments occur along the way, most profoundly to the individual on this journey. This production explores this progression and development of the human journey, and its various interpretations by each choreographer. Silhouettes Dance Company has gone on its own journey through their past nine shows, and with this year’s 10th show, ‘X’, the dancers look back and reflect on where they began, but also explore the possibilities of the future.


Past productions: 2006-2012