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Sponsors: 2018-19

Brain Armor


World Hug Group Education Against Child Abuse


A global team of professionals committed to the improvement of quality of life, especially good health and inner peace, through authentic qigong (chi kung), taijiquan (tai chi chuan) and other internal Shaolin arts.

CQM Business Design and Consulting

Audrey Neamtan & Associates

Shuttle Digital Solutions Inc.

Central Dance

Central Dance is a recreational dance studio in Desbarats, Ontario servicing over 200 students ages 3-18. Through dance, their goal is to provide meaningful opportunities for children to learn, to grow, to feel loved and to be proud of their accomplishments.

Dose of Nik Photography

SPONSORS: 2017-18

Balance Health Studio

A healthcare centre offering a variety of services to help you achieve balance in your daily lives. Chiropody involves the assessment of foot and lower limb disorders and the management of local manifestations of systemic conditions.

The Plant YYZ

A gourmet grocery store offering an extensive line of plant based foods, heat and serve meals, soups, sauces and condiments. All ingredients are locally and ethically sourced to create a sustainable line of nourishing foods.